Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions


MMT Services, Inc. is the leading provider of low voltage arc flash mitigation solutions, including Life Extension, Retrofits, and Safety Enhancements.  MMT Services has a proven, tested method to reduce arc flash hazards in Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (LVMCC) with the door open.  


Why Do You Need MMT Services?


  • Give customers a viable, tested option to enhance the safety of their existing LVMCC equipment
  • We give Plant owners an effective alternative to costly equipment replacement
  • Process industry has high arc flash values in older equipment - technicians do open door work and expose themselves to hazards
  • Installed cables are the real asset, not the LV equipment
  • Minimize damage to these cable assets during upgrade 
  • Allow full utilization of existing assets
  • Lower the process downtime to a normal turnaround schedule
  • Provide positive KPI measurement

Why Choose MMT Services? 


  • MMT Services has KEMA test reports to validate the performance of modifications
  • We also have four technical papers, all peer reviewed
  • Actual performance record of system operating
  • Proven field performance record - all on time and no safety incidents
  • ISNetworld approved 
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